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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Global Blue chip indices - Stock market basics

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(17/2/2015 Global Blue Chip indices)Blue chips are not a new thing in stock markets and there are various blue chips stock indices which are widely tracked across the world. For those who are new to basic understanding of what are blue chip stocks,
can go through one of my post on blue chips. In this post I would provide information about various Blue chip stock indices which are tracked worldwide. These country specific blue chip indices include companies which are biggest and the best names in theis particular domain.

Major Blue chip stock indices of world

1)Dow Jones industrial Average (DJIA) : Dow Jones Industrials is the most followed stock index of the world, forget SENSEX, Dow Jones Industrials is the index which displays health of global economy, It includes top 30 companies of USA in terms of market capitalization and includes some of the biggies like McDonalds, GE, Walmart etc.

2)CAC 40 Index:CAC 40 is used as a benchmark for investors in the Paris Bourse and also benchmark for the french economy. It is a market weighted index

3)Deutscher Aktien IndeX 30 :DAX 30 is a blue chip stock market index consisting of the 30 major german companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Component values are updated every 1 minute.

4)Bombay Stock Exchange's SENSEX: BSE's SENSEX is benchmark Indian stock index, It consists of 30 biggest indian corporations, all of whom are best and most known firms of their particular domain. SENSEX movements helps in determining overall health of economy of India. It is often called the Dow Jones Industrials of India. SENSEX components have largest market capitalization in India. Companies listed in SENSEX keeps changing when there is any fall in their market capitalization.

5)Standard and Poor 500 Index:The S&P 500 is a value weighted index of the prices of 500 large cap common stocks actively traded in the United States.

6)Standard and Poor's ASX 20: S&P ASX 20 is benchmark stock index for Australia, Companies range from construction to finance, materials, Energy, Consumer durables etc. ASX20 index displays health of Australian economy at any given time. 7)Fortune 100 Companies List: Fortune 100 companies list is a globally renowned companies list published by fortune magazine. These companies are US headquartered but presently companies headquartered in other countries are also considered for the list.

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