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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Top 15 All time Greats of Stock Market Investing

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There are thousands and thousands of wannabe investors in world and in India, Again there are thousands of active investors. Many newbies who want to make a career out of stock investing have role models from the same field. Almost every newbie has a hope that one day he want to make into the list of all time greats list of stock market investing. This is a very tedious task and requires sheer commitment, ample time input, persistence, a lot of patience and above all it needs lots of good analytical skills.

This list is not limited to stock market investors of India, but it includes all time great stock market investors from across the globe. As the basics of stock market investing is not different for different markets, therefore understanding investing techniques of any of them would surely be beneficial for various stock markets across the globe. SO do not worry if it does not have any of Indian Stock Market investor name in the list.

However major reason for backing out of the domain of Stock market investing is lack of patience among normal human being. All time greats of stock markets have most patience, which helped them to become multi-billionaire in their lifetime. Still many newbies choose any one of these greats as their role model and try to imitate their way of investing. So here is the list of All time greats of stock market investing and feel free to make one of them as your role model for this field. I have kept this list limited to top 15 investors. It's your take to select one of them and further continue your study about their way of investing. If a newbie understands Investing techniques used by these Investing Giants then it's sure that you can save a lot of money(which otherwise you would have spend for taking advice of a stock market analyst.

First name which immediately comes into our mind is that of Warren Buffett, you can read my detailed post on Warren Buffett way of investing here . You might also want to know famous quotes of Warren Buffett by reading my this post

There are lot of websites who give a kinda introduction about all these legendary stock market investors, but what I felt is that best way to know about these geniuses of Stock investing is through their wiki profile. So instead of giving details here , You should follow the link against their name below and get authentic and accurate information from their wikipedia page.

Please feel free to leave any name which I might have missed while compilations of Legendary Stock Market investors here:

1.Warren Buffett

2.John Templeton

3.David Dreman

4.John Bogle

5.Peter Lynch

6.Benjamin Graham

7.Carl Icahn

8.George Soros

9.Julian Robertson

10.John Neff

11.Bill Miller

12.Michael Steinhardt

13.William J. O'Neil

14.William J o Neil

15.Jesse L. Livermore


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