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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CNX PSU Bank Index daily updates and analysis

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The CNX PSUBANK index covers largest PSU banks in India, The index has 12 components presently. These 12 banks represents 91.74% of the free float market capitalization of the stocks forming part of the PSU Banks sector. thus ideal for those following PSU's banking stocks for making investments. PSU banks are the safest options to invest in with very less chances of losing money over long term. This post shall cover daily report card of CNX PSUBANK index components ie banking sector.

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 15/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
ACCCement - Major1,140.80-7.30-0.6421,441.341.57
Adani PowerPower - Generation/Distribution46.70-0.25-0.5311,176.580.82
Ambuja CementsCement - Major176.050.100.0627,155.221.98
Cairn IndiaOil Drilling And Exploration290.05-3.50-1.1955,406.464.05
Coal IndiaMining/Minerals293.95-5.95-1.98185,669.5313.57
Jindal SteelSteel - Sponge Iron329.651.800.5530,816.802.25
JSW EnergyPower - Generation/Distribution56.50-0.40-0.709,266.310.68
JSW SteelSteel - Large664.40-15.15-2.2314,823.911.08
NHPCPower - Generation/Distribution21.800.000.0026,815.621.96
NTPCPower - Generation/Distribution140.950.350.25116,219.828.49
Oil IndiaOil Drilling And Exploration536.909.701.8432,274.992.36
Oil Drilling And Exploration319.0010.203.30272,920.1319.95
Reliance InfraPower - Generation/Distribution355.758.602.489,355.870.68
Reliance PowerPower - Generation/Distribution66.950.250.3718,780.321.37
SAILSteel - Large57.45-2.15-3.6123,729.871.73
Sesa GoaMining/Minerals143.60-4.35-2.9412,480.300.91
Shree RenukaSugar24.35-0.50-2.011,634.660.12
Sterlite IndMetals - Non Ferrous86.10-2.45-2.7728,940.002.11
Tata ChemicalsChemicals317.851.450.468,097.430.59
Tata PowerPower - Generation/Distribution93.95-1.40-1.4722,295.011.63
Tata SteelSteel - Large294.45-5.05-1.6928,597.432.09
Torrent PowerPower - Generation/Distribution138.30-0.45-0.326,533.960.48
UltraTechCementCement - Major1,872.3556.903.1351,336.083.75
United PhosChemicals121.60-1.40-1.145,382.070.39

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 4/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Allahabad BankBanks - Public Sector130.05-2.10-1.596,502.842.29
Andhra BankBanks - Public Sector95.45-1.45-1.505,341.191.88
Bank of BarodaBanks - Public Sector655.50-16.60-2.4727,696.209.77
Bank of IndiaBanks - Public Sector305.85-0.70-0.2317,571.696.20
Canara BankBanks - Public Sector391.852.800.7217,358.966.12
IDBI BankBanks - Public Sector83.150.901.0910,630.123.75
IOBBanks - Public Sector65.85-1.00-1.505,248.231.85
Oriental BankBanks - Public Sector247.40-7.00-2.757,218.172.55
PNBBanks - Public Sector716.85-9.95-1.3725,338.748.94
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,067.60-37.00-1.76141,430.8649.89
Syndicate BankBanks - Public Sector115.15-0.65-0.566,931.452.45
Union BankBanks - Public Sector221.85-4.00-1.7712,213.934.31

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 3/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Allahabad BankBanks - Public Sector132.15-1.80-1.346,607.852.30
Andhra BankBanks - Public Sector96.90-1.95-1.975,422.331.89
Bank of BarodaBanks - Public Sector672.10-23.70-3.4128,397.589.87
Bank of IndiaBanks - Public Sector306.55-12.35-3.8717,611.916.12
Canara BankBanks - Public Sector389.05-16.70-4.1217,234.925.99
IDBI BankBanks - Public Sector82.25-1.90-2.2610,515.063.66
IOBBanks - Public Sector66.85-1.95-2.835,327.931.85
Oriental BankBanks - Public Sector254.40-8.10-3.097,422.402.58
PNBBanks - Public Sector726.80-16.45-2.2125,690.458.93
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,104.60-35.85-1.67143,961.7950.06
Syndicate BankBanks - Public Sector115.80-1.85-1.576,970.582.42
Union BankBanks - Public Sector225.85-7.30-3.1312,434.154.32

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 2/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Allahabad BankBanks - Public Sector133.954.453.446,697.852.27
Andhra BankBanks - Public Sector98.852.552.655,531.451.88
Bank of BarodaBanks - Public Sector695.8011.101.6229,398.969.99
Bank of IndiaBanks - Public Sector318.9010.153.2918,321.446.22
Canara BankBanks - Public Sector405.7515.403.9517,974.726.10
IDBI BankBanks - Public Sector84.151.551.8810,757.963.65
IOBBanks - Public Sector68.801.852.765,483.351.86
Oriental BankBanks - Public Sector262.508.703.437,658.732.60
PNBBanks - Public Sector743.2518.352.5326,271.918.92
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,140.4549.852.38146,414.0549.73
Syndicate BankBanks - Public Sector117.653.653.207,081.942.41
Union BankBanks - Public Sector233.1514.206.4912,836.054.36

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 28/3/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Allahabad BankBanks - Public Sector126.402.251.816,320.332.23
Andhra BankBanks - Public Sector94.651.051.125,296.431.87
Bank of BarodaBanks - Public Sector675.4010.501.5828,537.0210.08
Bank of IndiaBanks - Public Sector302.8512.554.3217,399.346.15
Canara BankBanks - Public Sector384.0521.005.7817,013.426.01
IDBI BankBanks - Public Sector80.250.450.5610,259.383.62
IOBBanks - Public Sector65.050.200.315,184.471.83
Oriental BankBanks - Public Sector251.8012.905.407,346.552.59
PNBBanks - Public Sector717.904.800.6725,375.868.96
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,072.7522.451.09141,783.1450.08
Syndicate BankBanks - Public Sector109.952.402.236,618.442.34
Union BankBanks - Public Sector218.007.453.5412,001.974.24

CNX PSUBANK index closing for 26/3/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Allahabad BankBanks - Public Sector124.15-3.00-2.366,207.832.23
Andhra BankBanks - Public Sector93.60-0.45-0.485,237.671.88
Bank of BarodaBanks - Public Sector664.906.651.0128,093.3710.10
Bank of IndiaBanks - Public Sector290.301.550.5416,678.326.00
Canara BankBanks - Public Sector363.05-7.55-2.0416,083.125.78
IDBI BankBanks - Public Sector79.80-1.40-1.7210,201.853.67
IOBBanks - Public Sector64.85-1.35-2.045,168.531.86
Oriental BankBanks - Public Sector238.90-1.35-0.566,970.172.51
PNBBanks - Public Sector713.10-11.00-1.5225,206.199.06
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,050.30-7.95-0.39140,247.4950.42
Syndicate BankBanks - Public Sector107.55-4.95-4.406,473.972.33
Union BankBanks - Public Sector210.55-2.30-1.0811,591.814.17

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