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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CNX Media index daily updates and report

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CNX Media Index is constituted for covering media and entertainment sectors in India. The CNX Media index consists of 15 companies working for Media and entertainment sector including printing and publishing sector companies which are listed on National Stock Exchange of India. CNX Media Index represents 91.04 % of the free float market capitalization of the stocks forming part of the Media & Entertainment sector of NSE. This post shall provide daily updates about CNX Media index companies and would benefit those who track Media sector for making investments.

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 15/4/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.350.053.85124.390.19
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment225.551.250.564,136.006.47
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment213.251.550.732,858.064.47
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment67.550.300.457,209.6411.28
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment222.95-2.25-1.001,062.811.66
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment269.303.451.303,855.656.03
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment95.55-0.05-0.052,245.633.51
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment88.65-2.25-2.482,942.404.60
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment40.10-0.40-0.99743.521.16
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment47.50-0.40-0.84219.100.34
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment351.75-9.55-2.6413,861.9321.69
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment27.201.355.224,655.717.28
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment207.850.150.0719,885.5931.11

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 4/4/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.450.053.57133.610.21
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment236.05-3.00-1.254,328.546.67
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment201.65-3.70-1.802,702.604.17
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment68.90-0.70-1.017,353.7311.34
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment227.05-6.05-2.601,082.361.67
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment265.75-6.60-2.423,804.835.87
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment97.70-2.40-2.402,296.163.54
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment94.10-0.90-0.953,123.294.81
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment41.15-0.25-0.60762.991.18
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment48.30-2.50-4.92222.790.34
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment371.70-9.15-2.4014,648.1322.58
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment26.15-1.30-4.744,475.996.90
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment207.70-3.95-1.8719,813.7030.55

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 3/4/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.400.053.70129.000.19
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment239.051.550.654,383.556.62
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment205.351.150.562,752.184.16
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment69.60-0.35-0.507,428.4411.22
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment233.10-4.60-1.941,111.201.68
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment272.35-5.00-1.803,899.325.89
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment100.10-1.65-1.622,352.563.55
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment95.000.900.963,153.164.76
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment41.40-0.85-2.01767.631.16
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment50.800.200.40234.320.35
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment380.85-12.35-3.1415,008.7122.66
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment27.45-1.20-4.194,698.517.09
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment211.65-3.00-1.4020,190.5230.49

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 2/4/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.350.053.85124.390.18
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment237.50-1.15-0.484,355.136.47
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment204.209.755.012,736.774.07
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment69.951.952.877,465.7911.09
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment237.70-1.80-0.751,133.131.68
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment277.353.401.243,970.915.90
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment101.750.250.252,391.343.55
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment94.100.550.593,123.294.64
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment42.250.952.30783.391.16
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment50.602.404.98233.400.35
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment393.203.800.9815,495.4123.02
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment28.650.702.504,903.917.29
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment214.65-0.25-0.1220,476.7030.42

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 28/3/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.250.054.17115.180.18
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment225.40-11.15-4.714,133.256.28
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment189.750.850.452,543.113.86
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment67.101.852.847,161.6110.88
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment241.4513.706.021,151.001.75
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment268.903.101.173,849.935.85
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment101.50-0.65-0.642,385.463.62
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment93.00-2.60-2.723,086.784.69
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment41.850.451.09775.971.18
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment45.950.551.21211.950.32
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment390.5012.103.2015,389.0023.39
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment28.101.304.854,809.767.31
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment210.451.300.6220,076.0430.51

CNX Media index company-wise closing for 26/3/2013:

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
AshtavinayakMedia & Entertainment1.20-0.05-4.00110.570.17
DB CorpMedia & Entertainment236.55-12.20-4.904,337.716.68
DeccanChronicleMedia & Entertainment5.650.000.00118.070.18
Den NetworksMedia & Entertainment188.90-0.10-0.052,531.723.90
Dish TV IndiaMedia & Entertainment65.250.751.166,964.1610.72
Ent Network IndMedia & Entertainment227.754.301.921,085.691.67
Hathway CableMedia & Entertainment265.808.553.323,805.545.86
HT MediaMedia & Entertainment102.152.302.302,400.743.70
JagranPrakashanMedia & Entertainment95.600.650.683,173.084.88
Prime FocusMedia & Entertainment41.40-0.35-0.84767.631.18
Reliance MediaMedia & Entertainment45.40-1.30-2.78209.410.32
Sun TV NetworkMedia & Entertainment378.40-16.65-4.2114,912.1622.96
TV18 BroadcastMedia & Entertainment26.800.301.134,587.257.06
Zee EntertainMedia & Entertainment209.152.451.1919,952.0330.72

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