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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CNX finance index daily updates and report

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CNX Finance index consists of 15 biggest companies of finance sector which are listed on NSE. The CNX finance index covers 71.46% of the traded value of the stocks forming part of the Finance sector. Many investors follow this particular index for daily purchasing/selling.

Selection guidelines for companies for CNX Energy index:

1. Companies must rank within the top 500 companies by average free-float market capitalization and aggregate turnover for the last six months.
2. The company's trading frequency should be at least 90% in the last six months.
3. The company should have reported a positive net worth.
4. The company should have an investable weight factor (IWF) of at least 10%.
5. The company should have a listing history of 6 months. A company, which comes out with an IPO will be eligible for inclusion in the index, if it fulfills the normal eligibility criteria for the index for a 3 month period instead of a 6 month period.
6. Selection is based on the free float market capitalization of the companies.

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 15/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,294.2029.902.3660,562.677.49
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments748.70-1.60-0.2111,913.491.47
HDFCFinance - Housing774.9010.101.32119,826.4514.83
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector641.55-2.15-0.33152,698.3518.90
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,047.101.750.17120,803.4414.95
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions146.602.201.5222,205.912.75
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector640.702.350.3747,835.245.92
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing224.904.001.8111,349.871.40
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase198.55-3.25-1.6111,292.831.40
PNBBanks - Public Sector734.4521.352.9925,960.853.21
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions194.554.252.2325,680.893.18
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments329.856.602.048,119.591.00
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions220.151.950.8921,738.912.69
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,146.3064.503.10146,814.2118.17
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase665.50-31.20-4.4821,311.672.64

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 4/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,243.85-34.30-2.6858,178.337.37
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments757.10-1.95-0.2612,047.151.53
HDFCFinance - Housing792.35-19.30-2.38122,524.8215.53
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector616.15-7.50-1.20146,506.6618.57
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,008.80-22.60-2.19116,381.4614.75
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions143.850.150.1021,789.362.76
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector632.70-18.15-2.7947,223.125.99
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing221.60-3.80-1.6911,183.331.42
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase211.003.151.5212,000.941.52
PNBBanks - Public Sector716.85-9.95-1.3725,338.743.21
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions184.902.201.2024,407.083.09
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments310.25-18.85-5.737,637.110.97
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions208.402.601.2620,578.652.61
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,067.60-37.00-1.76141,430.8617.93
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase678.45-28.85-4.0821,726.372.75

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 3/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,278.15-23.20-1.7859,782.637.44
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments759.05-18.25-2.3512,078.181.50
HDFCFinance - Housing811.65-5.60-0.69125,509.2715.63
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector623.65-6.25-0.99148,289.9918.47
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,031.40-15.50-1.48118,988.7314.82
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions143.70-3.30-2.2421,766.642.71
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector650.85-5.45-0.8348,577.796.05
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing225.40-7.25-3.1211,375.101.42
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase207.855.502.7211,821.781.47
PNBBanks - Public Sector726.80-16.45-2.2125,690.453.20
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions182.70-5.00-2.6624,116.673.00
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments329.10-6.30-1.888,101.131.01
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions205.80-7.65-3.5820,321.912.53
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,104.60-35.85-1.67143,961.7917.93
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase707.30-8.00-1.1222,650.252.82

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 28/3/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,300.706.500.5060,837.367.56
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments771.5512.001.5812,277.091.53
HDFCFinance - Housing826.252.050.25127,766.9415.88
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector625.3510.851.77148,694.2118.48
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,045.2024.302.38120,580.7914.99
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions143.603.752.6821,751.492.70
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector653.0013.302.0848,738.266.06
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing224.903.001.3511,349.871.41
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase195.00-2.95-1.4911,090.921.38
PNBBanks - Public Sector717.904.800.6725,375.863.15
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions180.70-1.50-0.8223,852.672.96
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments312.7011.603.857,697.420.96
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions208.456.052.9920,583.582.56
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,072.7522.451.09141,783.1417.62
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase694.4519.202.8422,238.752.76

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 2/4/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,301.35-13.55-1.0360,867.767.47
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments777.30-3.35-0.4312,368.581.52
HDFCFinance - Housing817.25-7.95-0.96126,375.2315.52
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector629.906.050.97149,776.1018.39
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,046.90-4.65-0.44120,776.9114.83
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions147.004.703.3022,266.502.73
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector656.304.300.6648,984.566.02
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing232.656.102.6911,740.981.44
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase202.352.801.4011,508.961.41
PNBBanks - Public Sector743.2518.352.5326,271.913.23
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions187.704.502.4624,776.683.04
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments335.4013.254.118,256.211.01
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions213.451.450.6821,077.312.59
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,140.4549.852.38146,414.0517.98
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase715.30-2.20-0.3122,906.442.81

CNX Finance index component wise closing for 26/3/2013

Company NameIndustryLast PriceChange%ChgMkt Cap
(Rs cr)
Axis BankBanks - Private Sector1,294.20-15.15-1.1660,533.347.63
Bajaj FinservFinance - Investments759.55-6.80-0.8912,086.141.52
HDFCFinance - Housing824.2018.002.23127,449.9416.05
HDFC BankBanks - Private Sector614.505.100.84146,114.3218.41
ICICI BankBanks - Private Sector1,020.908.300.82117,777.3914.84
IDFCFinance - Term Lending Institutions139.850.250.1821,183.472.67
Kotak MahindraBanks - Private Sector639.707.851.2447,745.586.01
LIC Housing FinFinance - Housing221.904.602.1211,198.471.41
M&M FinancialFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase197.95-5.55-2.7311,258.701.42
PNBBanks - Public Sector713.10-11.00-1.5225,206.193.18
Power FinanceFinance - Term Lending Institutions182.204.102.3024,050.673.03
Rel CapitalFinance - Investments301.10-7.55-2.457,411.880.93
Rural Elect CorFinance - Term Lending Institutions202.406.953.5619,986.172.52
SBIBanks - Public Sector2,050.30-7.95-0.39140,247.4917.67
Shriram TransFiFinance - Leasing & Hire Purchase675.250.750.1121,623.902.72

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