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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top 10 stock market tips for successful trading

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1)Invest your own money: The worst mistake which investors make in Stock markets is when they invest borrowed money into share markets. One should never invest others money into stock markets or in any other venture where there is risk of loss involved and where reason for loss is not under your own control. In Stock markets one should always invest his/her own money and that to only if spare money is present which would not effect personal living of the person adversely in case of loss. rather if you make profit from share market then try to take out your actual principal money put into share trading so that you trade only thet money which you have generated from stock market itself(this approach can take a lot of time for taking out full principal money out).

2)Research Research and Research before investing: One should do a thourough research about the trends in sector he wants to invest, and should invest only if he/she is sufficiently confident about the growth in sector, the more easy approach is to choose sector which are not much affected by bad times like, Utilities, FMCG and Pharma. If a person doesnot have time and knowledge about stocks then he should rather opt for other investment options like Mutual funds etc.

3)Wait for right time for selling and purchasing stock: A person should always purchase stock when markets are undervalued or when it's bearish times and then sell when the stock market has bullish sentiments.

4)Diversification is the key: It is always advisable to diversify your investments into a portfolio of selected number of companies. Stick to a few selected companies which you believe can get you good returns and wait till your time comes.

5)Be long term player: A good investor thinks long term, It's only speculators who doesnot think longterm. Invest for upto 5 years minimum.

6)Choose company with strong fundamentals: One should choose the company to invest into with care and should ensure that company has strong fundamentals.

7)Don't panic: Long term investors should not panic on seeing slight fall in stock markets. when you really think some thing is really going to happen, take a wise decision but stay away from day to day changes.

8)Put Stop loss: Dont get carried away by market moods as daily stock market developments are created by speculators, If your stock price hits stop loss sell it.

9)Follow Warren Buffett's way of investment: Legendary investor Warren buffett has earned lot through stock markets and has an evergreen approach for investing in stock markets. One should take this approach. You can read my post on Warren Buffett way of investing

10)Invest in mutual funds: One can also invest their money in mutual funds rather then stock market. But mutual funds investment has different approach. here is post on Mutual funds investing tips. Disclaimer - This post is only for information purpose, and consists of my personal opinions, Please use your analysis for investing in stock markets.

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