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Friday, January 20, 2012

BSE launches new website for mutual funds

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Bombay Stock Exchange of India has launched a website on mutual funds and mutual funds investment in collaboration with morningstar. The website caters to people with interest in mutual funds investment by providing every detail about various mutual funds schemes available in the country. The website looks beautiful as the UI is very friendly, It has seprate pages for Mutual Funds report, Ratings of various mutual funds available, Net Asset Value(NAV) which is required while choosing mutual funds for your investment, dividend and performance parameters foe each active Mutual fund scheme, Definitely this new website would help people in choosing the mutual funds and analysing the performance of various mutual funds before investing into it.

Link to website is below:
BSE morning start MF website

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  1. This is good source of information i think this will going to helpful for mutual fund investors and thanks for sharing.

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