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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Intraday trading tips for day trading

Intraday trading is on the rise but we cant expect huge returns immediately, It is a risky affair, but if we strictly follow these golden rules for intraday trading then we can minimise the risk of making loss even in intraday trading of stocks.

Intraday stock trading has many merits then the long term investment some of them i have written below:

1) You will have to pay less Brokerage.

2) Everyday you can do fresh trading according to the market trend because everyday market trend is different.

3) After stock market closing, no body can predict next day's market opening.

4) There is no need to pay any carry forward margin.

5) In intraday you can trade good volume with low risk.

Following are the rules whihc an intraday trader should/can follow for minimising the risk of making a loss in share trading:

1) Donot overtrade beyond your financial capacity and donot hurry in making profits, always have some reserve money.

2) Diversify your intraday investments into different sector stocks, this minimises the risk, for example if a person had invested in IT stocks before recession started then he would have been worst affected by his decision.

3) You can follow the trend of the market to be more safe with the investment, These trends are started by the brokerage houses which passively control the working of the stock markets as a whole, thus you can follow what they say, but not blindly.

4) Dont be to greedy - In share markets and intraday trading you cant expect profit everyday, just invest inside your budget.

5) Profit should be used for purchasing the stocks in future as this would help in securing your principal amount and you can build further on the profits.

6) Dont trade intraday if you are not clear about it.

7) Do not average out in our share tips when market is not in favour. Limit your losses by keeping a stop loss order - Never cancel a stop loss order after you have placed it, otherwise you may loose more.

8) Intraday trading is more fruitful if you trade only in high volume stocks.

9) Focus on short selling instead of long term investment.

10) Follow your instincts and not thr rumours as rumours in stock markets are very dangerous for your hard earned money.

11) You should consider the other input costs like brokerage rate in intraday trading as the profit margins are lower in intraday trading.

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  1. Interesting aspect, thank you for sharing. I'll give it some thought and maybe I will change my opinion.



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