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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Bull v/s Bear daily fight - Market Updates - New Feature

Indian Stock Markets are very volatile as one day there would be bulls around and the next day the bears would take over. The bulls of stock markets are basically the optimistic investor whereas the bear has pessimistic approach to investing.
So i was planning to add a new feature to my blog titled "The Bull v/s Bear Fight".

So here I go starting the fight:

: seems like you are almost dead, I am seeing that you are in dormant state from last 4-5 days and people who feed you are almost finished, God bless bulls of stock markets, BEARS ARE HERE....ha ha aha!

: ha ha ha! grrrrhh!! look i am back and that too with a bang, profit booking is taking a toll on you nad has made you weak and lame.(11/5)

Indian Markets : Oh this is just an instantanous dip and tomorrow would be my day again as fundamentals are with me...(11/5)

Indian Markets : Hey ya i am talking to you ...where are you hiding your dirty face..look my days are back! It was just the time taken by the food to reach me from Europe and look now i have plenty to eat and have already increased my weight by 3 percent WHAT SAY?

: sob sob!! how can this happen No way it's just a spike i'll return back soon and kill you , it's just like i am going in hibernation state will be back...and fight again

: You moron look there is no respite for you i have spread my peers all over the world and they will soon finish you up....hahahahaha!!!

: oh no way it's just like my peers have gone for vacations and once they come back you will repent on your words and at that time there would be no mercy for you ...

: ha ha ha! look i am all over the world markets poor guy your fodder source Greece is now unber me and soon you will die...count your days....(5/5/2010)

: You are mistaken my friend no power in this world can stop giving me food it's just matter of few days as the clouds over Greece's bailout clears I would get ample food and the you have to hide in your cave...just watch and dont be arrogant. my glorious days are coming soon again.(5/5/2010)

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