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Monday, December 17, 2007

Online Share Trading-BSE|NSE

Share trading refers to buying and selling of stocks. Trading is of various types like goods trading, Stock Trading etc. Share trading is further divided into two major types-Online Share Trading and offline Share trading. Stock Markets have become very volatile these days and hence if one does not have experience of Share Market then trading can be very harmful if he/she invests in wrong Stock option. In earlier years there was no option for Online trading but in present day a person who is interested in investing in Indian Share Markets like the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) or in the shares of the National Stock Exchange(NSE) can be done by doing online share trading.

Trading in Stock Markets was a real problem for investors as there was no provision for purchasing shares themselves. So in those years they had to call their broker for asking about the present trend of share market and the live rate of stocks in which they wanted to invest money was told to them buy brokers via telephone line as brokers used to sit inside the stock exchanges and took some commision on the value of money by the investments. Thus they acted as Dalaal's(Middlemen) in purchasing of stocks. The whole process was fully based on trust between the investor and the broker and there was every possibility that this trust would be breached.

Online Trading started in the 21 st century and was a big breakthrough for the investors as it dismissed the use of Dalaal's or Middlemen from the whole process of trading in share market. Online Share trading can be done by a single person and that too while sitting at home hence online trading has become very comfortable and hassle free these days.
One must know that in Share Market the working principle is

"The Bigger Risk You Take More Fruitful Your Profit be" provided you take risk after invigilating all the pros and cons of the Stock in Which you want to invest. A dumb person should not invest in the share market as there is every possibilty of investing his/her money in wrong stock option and hence he/she can loose all of his/her money while doing Trading making losses.

For doing trading online one has to make DMAT account which is a government rule every one has to follow before investing in stock market. In a DMAT account a person has to give all of his/her details like permanent house number, PAN number, Occupation, Nationality etc. Hence opening a DMAT account is necessary for every individual who wants to do Share Trading.

Online Share Trading is easy for those who have good analytic skills and can analyse various scenarios of the stock in which he/she wants to invest. You must be surprised to know that world's second richest man Mr Warren Buffet has earned great money from share market.
Hence Share Market has great potential in itself and can be used as a full fledged career oppurtunity. Every one can try their luck in Share trading at BSE and NSE these days.

Many companies are providing online Share trading services to it's users. These all web portals are very score as they provide three stage authentication and all share trading activities of investors are kept fully confidential. These Online Share Trading portals companies charge nominal fees for becoming it's member which has to be renewed after a fixed time period. There are dozen of portals available in Indian Market which provide Online trading facilities.

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