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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Relative Stock Valuation Methods for Investing

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StockInvestingTips Learning Series In continuation with previous post which explained the Absolute Stock Valuation Methods, read full post here(If you missed it). This post would explain the other way of stock valuation which is known as Relative Stock Valuation Methods. Relative methods for stock valuation consists of atleast 5 different ways for evaluating a stock. These all 5 methods would be explained one by one in this post.

Here are the 5 Relative Stock Valuation Methods:
1.P/E Ratio
2.Return on Equity
3.Operational Margin (OM)
4.Enterprise value (EV)
5.P/cash Flow ratio

Monday, June 20, 2016

Using Absolute Stock Evaluation Methods for investing

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StockInvestingTips learning series: Many of the newbies of stock market doesnot know much about different stock valuation methods which needs to be known before shortlisting a company for investing your money. There are two different stock market evaluation methods namely:

1. Absolute Stock Market Valuation
2. Relative Stock Market Valuation

I'll explain these two stock valuation methods one by one, however this post would explain the Absolute Stock Valuation Method only. Relative Stock Valuation method would be explained in another post as I do not want to make this post too heavy for understanding. Step by step approach is better then a heavy dose.

Absolute Stock valuation methods can be applied using two approaches which are as follows:

1. Dividend Discount Method
2. Discounted Cash Flow Method

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Selling Strategies every individual should know

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StockInvestingTips learning series: Almost all the websites providing stock investing tips always emphasize on stock buying tips because it adds to their revenue for providing paid stock tips on daily basis. However none of the website providing paid tips provide any strategy for selling your stocks and ensuring that the losses are minimised incase stock markets become bearish. In this post I would illustrate few tips for selling your stocks. You might use some of these tips as stock selling strategies for your own stock portfolio.

Stock Selling Strategies everyone should know:

1. Sell during financial crises: Anyone can face Personal financial crises at any time of life. It is always better to sell any stocks you are holding during financial distress. Never go for a personal loan or any sort of borrowing if you have ample options for selling your stock investments. Loans are

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Growth Investing in Stock Markets

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This post is inline with our investing technique series of posts. In my earlier post you have understood about basics of value investing. I'll suggest to read value investing post before starting with this post. click here.

It's good if you are already familiar with value investing though!

Another major investing technique in stock markets is known as Growth investing. Growth investing is a riskier investing technique but returns are enormous.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Value Investing in stock markets

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Value Investing: Stock market investing has different facets to it. There are numerous types of investing types which suites differently to different investors. One of the more popular type of investing in stock markets is called "Value Investing" . In this post I'll tell more about value investing and can be used as first lesson for someone who is really interested in doing value investing in Stock markets.

Basics of Value Stock Investing:Studies have shown that value investing has done better over time compared to growth investing.But it should come as no surprise that exceptions can occur and under-valued companies aren’t always winners.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't be an investment fool - Avoid these mistakes

Share | Investing in the stock market is no easy game. Many enter with high hopes, only to find themselves crushed and broke after a few months of trading. That is the harsh reality for would-be investors who do not exercise caution, and who do not strive to find knowledge and understanding before they pump their money into the first "hot" share. There is money to be made in the stock market, but competition is strong and fierce, and experienced traders have been learning the tricks of the trade for a long time. First-time stock market investors often enter this strange world of numbers with false expectations and ideals that ultimately lead them towards common mistakes. Those who are new to the world of the stock market would do well to learn from these errors before they find themselves astray. Here are nine mistakes that first-time stock market investors frequently make:

1. Not Having A Plan


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